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18 Dec

Random Reads

Last week I finally managed to pick up the much delayed issue of Buffy the comic, it was quite good. The cover art was amazing. I also grabbed Solomon Kane and the Underworld 2 parter, both of which were quite enjoyable although I think the Underworld story was covered in the second movie.

I also managed to read through a short Buffy novel Doomsday Deck. I picked it up for about a quid and it was quite enjoyable. I am always a bit weary of TV tie-in books but they are easy to pick up and carry on from, so perfect for reading on the bus early in the morning. Unlike the TV show though you already know that character A is not going to die and character B manages to escape without injury, especially ones set before the current time line in the universe. Ho-hum, it wasted some time and was a change.

I don’t know what my reading list is next year but Tayside Recyclers 10p specials have yielded me quite a varied bunch, I think for comedy’s sake I have to start the new year with Kilroy Silks autobiography from the 80s. It’s going to be baaaaaad.

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