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11 Dec

Link: Strange Maps

Given they have just pushed out a mega update it seems a good time to link to Strange Maps.

A really interesting site, especially if like me, you are a huge nerd.

There are all sorts of maps, from fantastical ones to real ones of countries that don’t exist and micro-nations which existed for a brief glimmer.

Some strange examples include:

Stalin’s proposed homeland for Russian Jews

Europe, If the Nazis Had Won

The World in (George Orwell’s) 1984

Elleoreoccupies a special place among [Danish islands]: unpeopled for most of the year, and not part of Denmark when it is – that is, if you’re partial to the semi-jocular sovereignty claims of micronations.

Cannibal Map of the World

Prepare to lose a day or two learning obscure geography.

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