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11 Dec

Frightened Rabbit at Fat Sams

Last night we went to see Frightened Rabbit in Fattys.

Attendance was probably around 200, with loads of under 18s for some reason I couldn’t understand, maybe Frightened Rabbit has a following with the teens?

We just caught the end of the first support band not used to advertised doors times being accurate…They were quite good, as were the Grace Emilys.

Frightened Rabbit came on before 10 and played for an hour with a small encore. They were as good on stage as on CD. I really like the second album that Mike forced on us going listen you’ll love this as we were met with:

Oh, you won’t find love in a
Won’t find love in a hole
It takes more than fucking someone
To keep yourself warm

Much amusement. Their songs were also filled with innuendo and cheesy silliness If we have a hormone race, I’m bound to finish first says another verse of the same song.

The voice of the singer is unique, powerful, raw and with a really detectable accent, a cross between Billy Bragg and Flying Matchstick Men or something, who knows.

Hearing Keep Warm I was worried they would be a bit preachy. Head Rolls Off makes it clear they are not

Jesus is just a Spanish boy’s name
How come one man got so much fame?

When it’s all gone, something carries on
And it’s not morbid at all
Just when nature’s had enough of you
When my blood stops, someone else’s will not

and ends with the most important point:

While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth
Tiny changes to earth, tiny changes to earth
Tiny changes to earth

If the excellence of their music and intelligence of their lyrics are not enough to convince you to love them then the drummer being an Owen Boss Koala lookalike and Rhythm Guitarist being Jarvis Cocker in disguise should.

3 Responses to “Frightened Rabbit at Fat Sams”

  1. 1
    Michael Says:

    I thought FR were really good last night, but they need to sack their soundman. That’s the second time i’ve seen them and the second time the sound has really let them down.

    Last night it seemed to be:

    drums >>> vocals >>>>>>>>>>>>> guitars >>> bass/keyboard

    But aye, they are a really good band, just wish they’d play in a better venue or get someone else to do their sound.

  2. 2
    Alan G Says:

    the sound was alright where we were standing, not great but it was more:

    vocals >>> drums >>>>>>>> guitar >>> bass/keyboard >>>>>>>>>>> rhythm

    Spent this morning listening to the first album. You must have let me hear it before as 2 tracks were played last night and I knew the words to them.

  3. 3
    Michael Says:

    I can’t remember if I had or not, possibly. It’s good all the same. The live “acoustic” album is decent, you can listen to it on the Fat Cat website, which i think is

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