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09 Nov

Smirnoff Black

Smirnoff Black

Smirnoff Black

I picked up a bottle of Smirnoff Black a while back and finally popped it open. They market it as:

Crafted in small batches, using a copper pot-still, a centuries-old distillation method, smirnoff black recaptures the rounded, lasting, uncompromising smootness once savoured by the people and the czars of old Russia.

It was ok, a bit smoother than normal Smirnoff with the same odour. Probably wouldn’t buy again as it’s expensive for what you get and there are better ones for less.

Volume: 70CL
Alcohol: 40%
Cost: £20
Cheapest spotted: £18.29

Cost per nip (25ml): 71p
Cost per proper nip (35ml): £1

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