Scoville Units Unite

23 Sep

It starts

After playing around for a while I finally started a blog. Part of the delay was finding a decent domain name. Most variations of my name are gone and I didn’t want one with my middle name too. Was pleasantly surprised to see free, especially as most “alan graham” variants were gone. I thought this would be long gone.

What will be here?

Random stuff, links, reviews, politics, rants, silly double meanings and food. No idea yet, a mish mash of everything.

Why the name?

Scoville units are the standard way to measure the hotness of spicy food.

Most hot food sold in the UK has JalapeƱos in it. These measure around 2,500-5,000 on this scale. The sauces I use for cooking contain hotter chillies than that. In Mexico I managed to get some Serrano and Habanero peppers. These are 10-23K and 100K-580K respectively. I used to regularly eat paninis with Scotch Bonnets in them (about 100K).

I like spicy food.

Units Unite is a nice play on words and also hints at the random politics I will be posting too.

I will look at themes, plug-ins etc over the next few days so this will change a lot.

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