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20 Jun

YouTube Channels Worth Watching

For anyone who has ever watched a video on YouTube, you may have noticed a bizarre effect. Every video seems to be 6 steps away from some reactionary and right-wing one pushing fascism, reactionary ideas, rants about feminazis or just flat out racism and conspiracy theories.

There have been some investigations into this and I’ve read anecdotal accounts of fresh installs of browsers already recommending these videos.

There has however been a counter-movement to these which goes by the terms Lefttube/Breadtube. I have watched some of the videos and some are great. I think the only things I had previously found were very academic and just videos of lectures

I recently found this Playlist of LeftTube videos created by Bryan Zwei. It follows a theme and includes a variety of different presenters with a mixture of styles. SO I thought it might be useful to give a rundown of what they do and what I’d recommend. I’ll go by order they appear in this list and then add in any others I know of or would recommend at the end.


Intro from this series: Generic Arguments Against Communism Refuted
Style and theme: Can be quite academic and dry, a student in a bedroom with a headset on so lower production values than some others that will come up. Haven’t watched enough of this channel to recommend a whole lot.

Philosophy Tube

Intro from this series: What Was Liberalism? #1 Ideology & Violence
Style and theme: After seeing the cuts inflicted Abigail decided to give away what she had learned from her Philisophy degree. It started off with little bite size chunks of knowledge about philosophers or theories and then later developed into well produced longer pieces on a variety of topics of politics, or what was happening recently in the news, i.e. Brexit. Because of that it veers from an even-handed approach of giving all sides of an argument, weighing up all the sides and just pointing out why a position is wrong.
Best video/series: Basically the intro to philosophy/philosopher X stuff is definitely where to start, just start at the beginning skipping things which you aren’t interested in. Definitely one of the best youtubers out there.
Others I’d recommend: What is Color? & Who Cares? is a great explanation of why people see colours differently. The series on Liberalism which is in this playlist is great. Why Does Britain Still Have A Queen? both for discussing monarchism, the bursts of humour and a line which probably made me wake my neighbours up with a laugh when I watched it.


Intro from this series: Marx and Engels Were Not Egalitarians
Style and theme: Another quite dry academic topic coverer. Definitely worth it if you want to learn that stuff without poring over 150 year old books.

Red Plateaus

Intro from this series: Marx on Human Development
Style and theme: A really accessible overview of basic Marxist theory. To date there’s only one other video on the channel.


Intro from this series: What’s Wrong with Capitalism (Part 1)
Style and theme: the Queen of YouTube with great production, spots of humour and skits playing as different characters. Using a lot of the language and terms of those who are at risk of being drawn to the right the channel makes genuine attempts to show them the error of their ways. Highly recommended.
Best video/series: Jordan Peterson a great takedown on the nonsense this Kermit the Frog impersonating wanker spouts.

Peter Coffin

Intro from this series: Why Criticize Capitalism?
Style and theme: very American-centric so haven’t watched much, style is very shock-jock-esque so again trying to go for that same market that gets drawn towards fascism and hit the same buttons for entertainment.

Cuck Philosophy

Intro from this series: The Capitalist Realism of Unkle Adams
Style and theme: Similar to the early Philosophy Tube ones, definitely worth watching if you enjoyed those.
Best video/series: The Cultural Significance of Cyberpunk

Mad Blender

Intro from this series: Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness and Societies of Control
Style and theme: nice, honest and down to earth look at some of the basic things we do every day, like buy a thing.

Thought Slime

Intro from this series: Havin’ Fun!
Style and theme: really enjoyable and self-deprecating look at loads of interesting and thought provoking topics from philosophy to current events and popular culture.
Best video/series: GarfieldEats, a normal website in normal capitalism.
Others I’d recommend: We don’t talk about She-Ra Because discussion of He-Man and She-Ra


Intro from this series: Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein
Style and theme: Great visuals and production values. A former anarcho-capitalist turned anarcho-communist. Interesting perspective. Also occasional humorous puppet. Lunas perspective is great too, as someone who grew up in Vietnam just not taking things for granted that Emerican has due to his socialisation. Her utter bemusement that some people oppose LGBT rights etc as it seems completely alien to her.
Best video/series: You say you want a revolution?. Stop what you are doing and go watch it now. Like why are you reading this sentence? I hope it’s because you came back to this tab after watching that video, cos if you carried on reading this that’s wrong.
Others I’d recommend: Was Jesus Christ a Communist? for theology, Capitalism is a friggin’ SCAM that’s making us poor for some theory, and Glue the Horse Gets a Job (and Awakens to Class Consciousness) for puppets.

CGP Grey

Intro from this series: Humans Need Not Apply
Style and theme: the audio takes a bit of time to get used to, but covers a wide variety of topics with introductions to how they work.
Best video/series: The European Union Explained


Intro from this series: WOKE BRANDS
Style and theme: Harries mixes up humour and great production to talk about gaming and current affairs. Will pause, break the fourth wall and rant and laugh at stupid stuff he is trying to talk about. One of the best you can subscribe to.
Best video/series: SOY BOYS: A MEASURED RESPONSE – making fun of Paul Joseph Watson for being a fucking arse who doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.
Others I’d recommend: HOW TO FIX YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS – ways to address the issue I raised at start of article about bad recommendations. Also DONKEY KONG 64 CHARITY STREAM ON JANUARY 18TH Because fuck Graham Linehan


Intro from this series: Introduction How to: Revolution Part 1.
Style and theme: popularising anarchism and anarchist theories
Best video/series: My journey From Neo-Nazi To Anarcho-Communist – eye opening video explaining how his socialisation led him to a pretty horrible place and his journey away from it.

Knowing Better

Intro from this series: Privatizing Public Services: Prisons and Schools
Style and theme: Educational series about history, government and politics
Best video/series: How a K Became the UK. Sure some stuff is wrong or shortcutted, but for a 13minute history of the UK it’s better than most quick guides I’ve seen.

PD Morrin

Intro from this series: Drug Prohibition: A History of Control (Part 1 of 3)
Style and theme: Irish Leftist Nonsense


Intro from this series: How Privatisation Fails: Railways
Style and theme: Humorous take downs of right-wing theories mainly, or responses to other video series
Best video/series: Paul Joseph Watson is Wrong About: Sports

Innuendo Studios

Intro from this series: The Alt-Right Playbook: Introduction

Style and theme: great video essays about video games culture, the internet and politics
Best video/series: The one in this playlist is fantastic, and one I had watched a while back before I found the list. See also Angry Jack which explains how Gamergate developed.

Libertarian Socialist Rants

Intro from this series: Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes
Style and theme: Only watched the videos in this list which were humurous take downs of hypocrisy.


Intro from this series: Venezuela: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Neocons
Style and theme: educational on recent history.


Intro from this series: Joanna Hausmann is lying about Venezuela
Style and theme: has a disclaimer saying he doesn’t support some ideas he had spoke about in older videos.


Intro from this series: Is “Civil Debate” Actually Useful?
Style and theme: open-handed and educational.
Best video/series: When Should We Separate Art From the Artist? especially for the R Kelly references.

Three Arrows

Intro from this series: Was Hitler a Socialist? – A Response to Steven Crowder and Others
Style and theme: educational videos about history and politics, normally responding to misinformation being spread by right wing figures
Best video/series: Were the Crusades Defensive? – A Response to Steven Crowder

Eric Taxxon

Intro from this series: The Kunst Saga | How the Right Wing Views Modern Art
Style and theme: music and art, and videos about music and art
Best video/series: pjw what?

Angie Speaks

Intro from this series: Esoteric Fascism | The Occult and the Far Right
Style and theme: music, philosophy and spirituality
Best video/series: The Pagan and Anti-Capitalist History of May Day and Who Are Black Leftists Supposed to Be?

Kat Blaque

Intro from this series: Why is “LeftTube” So White?
Style and theme: only seen this video

Folding Ideas

Intro from this series: Manufactured Discontent and Fortnite
Style and theme: dissecting popular culture

Jim Sterling

Intro from this series: Mortal Kombat Developer Accused Of Abusive 100-Hour Work Weeks
Style and theme: discussing the video games industry

Phew, that’s a lot. A minor note though, between starting and finishing this list it looks like at least one video by a new user was added to that list, which I spotted and added in. So bear in mind the playlist may change (partly why I’m making this post).

Outside of that playlist there’s also others making videos too, one of my favourites has been:

Lindsay Ellis

Style and theme: video essays on critically analysing media
Best video/series: The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy

Haven’t went through: breadtube channel list yet either, having stumbled upon recently, but definitely worth checking out.

So there you go, a very brief list of some areas of youtube which are worth going to.

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